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Infiniti "Elite Auto South"


1. To increase company "Elite Auto South" recognition/popularity in the network.
2. Increase flow of target audience to the site.
3. Increase number of conversions from the site (registration for a test drive, callback orders, scheduled visits, appointments for maintenance, price list downloading, click-calls, etc.

Work performed:

1. Conducted web site analytics, agreed on key performance indicators (KPI) and advertising channels.
2. Integrated key performance indicators (KPI) into statistical data collection system (Google Analytics).
3. Set up Google Ads advertising account.
4. Set up Google Ads connection with Google Analytics (set up goals in Google Analytics and imported data into Google Ads).
5. Set up audience in Google Analytics to collect information and conduct remarketing campaigns.
6. Collected and grouped semantic core for setting up campaigns, as well as collecting negative keywords to filter out inappropriate requests.
7. Prepared ads for each created group (3-5 ads to improve rotation and determine the most effective ads).
8. Set up search campaigns with targeting at Odessa, Odessa region, Kherson, Kherson region, Nikolaev and Nikolaev region and excluded inappropriate locations.
9. Set up all relevant ad extensions (additional links, phone numbers, addresses, clarifications, structured descriptions) which made it possible to provide additional information to users, make ads more attractive, and also reduce the cost of a click and increase CTR.
10. Set up correct ad schedule demonstration.
11. Set up campaigns on Display Network for selected locations (more than 1700 sites with target audience) and excluded ad demonstrations on inappropriate locations (on children's, gaming sites, games, mobile applications, delicate categories of sites/ sites for adults, etc.).
12. Set up campaigns on Display Network with remarketing for all categories of visitors who entered the site.
13. Regular audit of reports on search enquiries is carried out (the list of negative keywords is expanding, new most relevant keywords are added)
14. For low-performing and low-ranking keywords bid adjustments are regularly performed.


1. Significantly increased overall site traffic.
2. High conversion rates achievement (registration for a test drive, callback orders, scheduled visits, appointments for maintenance, price list downloading, click-calls).
3. High keyword ranking has been achieved.
4. The campaign ranking occupied first positions on search engines.

- Average position of the campaign in search network — 1,4.
- Percentage of demonstrations received — 55,2%
- The coefficient of received demonstrations on top positions in search network — 91,24%
- The coefficient for displaying above search results — 65,14%

Systematic analysis of statistical data and appropriate advertising strategy allowed us to achieve such high results in a short time period. We do not stop at achieved goals and continue working with “Elite Auto South” company.

The launch period of advertising campaign is 5 working days.