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Catalogue and system of wholesale orders on goods.

1. The following management functionality is available to the system administrator:
- catalogue of goods (manufacturers, product categories, products/goods, product parameters, price lists);
- orders (with automatic billing and notifications, with debt reporting).
- content pages (articles, news);
- newsletters, technical section (file downloads);
- reference books (employees, customers, organizations, cities, shops, partners, payment and delivery options);
- user messages and internal messages.

2. Customer’s Cabinet includes such features as:
- viewing orders and invoices;
- maintaining of "selected products" lists, "pending" with automatic notifications;
- convenient and quick search of goods by code and name, as well as selection of goods by brand and parameters;
- informing about planned income when placing an order.

3. Ordering system is integrated with the ERP-system "Galaxy", which provides complete data synchronization.

4. Complex business logic on pricing policy has been implemented through the simultaneous use of different price lists (retail, wholesale, promotional, individual).