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Car rental booking system.

1. The system consists of the following modules:

1.1. Control module "Site Content", which includes the following features:
- management of articles, news, individual content blocks, special sections "limousine service", "leasing";
- auxiliary content management (sliders, banners, applications for downloading, links to social networks);
- SEO settings management (redirects, JSON-LD data, templates with variable parameters);
- automatic check of page status and "broken" links in the content;
- language management (add, disable, translations);

1.2. Management module "Directories", which includes the following information:
- exchange rates, holidays, countries, cities, regions, structural units, car classes, car models,
car modifications, “limousine service” cars, leasing services, leasing cars, corporate cars.

1.3. “Rental in Ukraine” module, which includes the following features:
- viewing and editing orders;
- generation of analytical data on orders, finances, car groups, regions with possibility of filtering by period, payment terms and rental stations;
- management of rental stations (setting up working hours, contact details, margins, provided services, merchants and responsible managers appointment);
- car groups management (car parameters, insurance, tariffs and other commercial settings, availability by dates and rental stations);
- tariff management (validity period, gradations by rental duration, appointment by rental stations, and other commercial settings);
- insurance management (prices depending on rental duration and other commercial settings);
- merchant management (selection of a payment system, generation of certificate for payment system, rental stations appointment);
- mileage limits management;
- promotion management (validity periods, discounts and other commercial settings);
- discount management by payment options and groups;
- management of employees and access rights, customers, bonus cards, email notification templates.

1.4. Module "Rental abroad", which includes the following features:
- viewing and editing orders, invoices;
- generation of analytical data for orders and countries with possibility of filtering by period;
- management of rental stations, cars.

1.5. Module “Limousine Service” (limousine order management) and “Service stations” module (service station order management).

2. The system is integrated with 1C (accounting system).

3. The system for encrypting/coding customer personal data has been introduced.

4. Complex business logic for choosing interrelated data has been implemented: car, rental dates, rental stations, rates, insurance, additional services, holidays and weekdays, station operating hours, payment terms, promotions, discounts and other commercial parameters.

5 System for ordering operates on multicurrency base, i.e. initial tariffs, discounts and other price parameters can be set independently in 3 types of currencies (UAH, USD, EUR).