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When you have the task to carry out measurable and predictable marketing activities which solve particular problems, you will need experience, understanding Internet channels structure and knowledge of tools that will allow using them effectively and measuring results. Then the strategy development and advertising campaign conducting will give the expected and predicted result, which will lead to company's income increase.

We use many different channels - Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), advertising via Google Awords (including Youtube), search engines, mailing lists, aggregators (, message boards, marketplaces (,, blogs etc.

Our approach to evaluating the profitability of an advertising campaign for each of its segments in the context of each channel allows us to increase its efficiency constantly and receive measurable and predictable advertising campaigns.

It is necessary to apply to professional developers in order to get the result you want to achieve. Our professional approach means:

- use of various advertising channels for various marketing activities, business lines, geography, target auditorium, types of impact on the target auditorium, the efficiency of the same channels may differ;
- the definition of metrics set (order, call, time spent on site, record through the form, etc.) which may reflect the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
- setting up tools for reading metrics (this makes it possible to understand the ROI of advertising campaigns);
- implementation of periodic in-depth analysis of statistical data and making necessary adjustments to advertising campaigns;
- reporting on the effectiveness of advertising campaign;
- information available on advertising budget expenditure by providing an appropriate report, as well as access to the advertising account.

We provide customer service support at all stages and to full extent, namely:

- cooperative discussion and development of advertising campaign concepts;
- quick launch of an advertising campaign;
- will be available for communication at any work time.

We are trusted by a number of companies whose cooperation we are proud of!

We are the official partner of Google.