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If websites based on existing management systems (Joomla, Wordpress, etc.) do not meet your expectations because they don't take into account peculiarities of your business tasks, the right choice will be to abandon such options and considering the solution on the basis of individual development. It will allow you to get a website that accurately fulfills both your marketing tasks and the tasks of automating business processes. In addition to it the website will have a high degree of extensibility and will be free from all the drawbacks which are common for "general purpose CMS".

It is necessary to apply to professional developers in order to get guaranteed realization of your website. Our approach to development means:

-participation of specialized specialists such as: designer, makeup man, software engineer, content manager, advertising specialist;
-technical documentation processing for the project (technical task, user's manual);
-timeless guarantee for correcting mistakes (maintenance for the entire period of website);
-probation period while using during which necessary improvements can be made free of charge;
-proving discounts for ordering additional functions;
-passing on intellectual property rights for codes and website content.

We provide customer service support at all stages and to full extent, namely:

-will discuss the original concept of the site, consultation on the most important issues;
-will implement the ideas you need;
-will place the website on our own servers;
-will buy a domain, install a security certificate (SSL);
-will ensure regular backup of all important data;
-will organize and conduct advertising campaigns for already operating website;
-will be available for communication at any work  time.