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Websites Which Make Your Business More Effective and Successful

Corporate portals. An individual solution just for your business! Design and development of any complexity.

If websites based on existing management systems (Joomla, Wordpress, etc.) do not meet your expectations and requirements, then the right choice will be to abandon such options and consider a solution based on individual development. This will allow you to get a website that accurately fulfills both its marketing tasks as well as business processes automation. In addition to it, the system will have high extensibility degree and will be free from drawbacks which are common for "general purpose CMS".

Our approach to development involves

1. Works before the project:

- goals and tasks definition, discussion of general ideas and concepts for the project;

- preliminary commercial proposal development (work stages, deadlines, project budget, non-disclosure of confidential information obligations);

- responsibility areas coordination;

- signing the contract.

2. Development:

- development of technical tasks;

- creating a prototype of the project;

- user interface design;

- layout design;

- functional programming;

- site loading speed optimization;

- testing and improvement based on testing results.

3. Finalization;

- connection to Google Analytics

- project deployment of the customer's server;

- filling content;

- providing with design documentation and operating instructions;

- providing an unlimited time guarantee for errors.

Development cost from 2000$

Time limits for development from 30 days

Project support and maintenance:

- improvement based on trial operation results;

- hosting on own servers;

- buying and renewing domains;

- SSL security certificate installation;

- providing of permanent backups;

- external accounting systems integration (1C, CRM, Galaxy, Microsoft Dynamics AX, etc.);

- automatic uploading on aggregators, message boards, market places (rozetka.ua, hotline.ua, prom.ua, etc.);

- advertising and promotion on search engines, media and social networks.