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We know how to increase efficiency at various structural units of your company.

Automation of business processes and combining or adjusting the exchange of subsystem data to access a new level of efficiency for: wholesale (non-food group), auto business, real estate market, distributors, dealer network, electrical and technical companies, IT startups, Event agencies.

Automation can be used to solve the following issues: order placement, two-way data exchange with accounting programs (1C, etc.), interaction with external systems (delivery services, banks, price aggregators, etc.), information and reference software for customers (catalogues, instructions, advertising materials, etc.), PIM-systems, documents exchanging between structural units or partners. We are also ready to take into consideration any wishes for automating your company's business processes.

Our approach to development involves

1. Works before the project:

- goals and tasks definition;

- preliminary commercial proposal development (work stages, deadlines, project budget, non-disclosure of confidential information obligations);

- coordination of responsibility areas;

- signing the contract.

2. Development:

- development of technical tasks;

- creating a prototype of the project;

- functional programming;

- API development;

- external accounting systems integration (1C, CRM, Galaxy, Microsoft Dynamics AX, etc.);

- integration with mail services, delivery services and payment acceptance systems;

- testing and improvement based on testing results.

3. Finalization:

- deployment of the project on the customer's server;

- providing with design documentation and operating instructions;

- providing an unlimited time guarantee for errors.

Development cost from 4000$

Time limits for development from 45 days

Project support and maintenance:

- improvement based on trial operation results;

- hosting on own servers;

- SSL security certificate installation;

- providing with permanent backups.

As an example we can give such capabilities as:

- for wholesale companies: automation of dealer network management tasks;

- for the head of the company: key performance indicators reports (KPI), as well as sampling and summarizing statistics on any criterion;

- for accounting and legal departments: automatic notification of late payments, notification of the contract expiry date, automatic sending of a new contract for signing, etc .;

- for marketing department: automatic distribution of new products and advertising materials, organization of surveys, collecting of statistical information;

- for logistics department: order management, warehouse/stock management, shipment organization and control, etc.