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We create fast and reliable solutions, including all the necessary analytical tools, adaptation for mobile devices and search optimization.

Our software products have high flexibility (can be supplemented with almost any functionality), updates do not lead to function failures, that has advantages in comparison to drawbacks of general purpose systems (Joomla, Wordpress, etc.).

At the request of the customer, the standard functionality can be extended by a number of useful functions (not limited) such as: automatic publication and updating of prices, balance on marketplaces ( etc.), uploading on aggregators ( and others), uploading and updating of prices and balance from the suppliers' price lists etc.

After the project launch we provide support throughout the whole period of maintenance.

It is necessary to apply to professional developers in order to get guaranteed realization of your internet shop. Our approach to development means:

- participation of specialized specialists such as: designer, layout designer, interface specialist, software engineer, database developer, advertising specialist;
- development of technical documentation for the project (technical task, user's manual);
- timeless guarantee for correcting mistakes (maintenance for the entire period of web-site);
- probation period while using during which necessary improvements can be made free of charge;
- providing discounts for ordering additional functions;
- passing on intellectual property rights for codes and internet shop content.

We provide customer service support at all stages and to full extent, namely:

- will discuss the original concept of the online shop consultation on the most important issues;
- will implement all the necessary ideas and business logic of any complexity;
- will place your online shop on our own servers;
- will buy a domain, install a security certificate (SSL);
- will ensure regular backup of all important data;
- will organize and conduct advertising campaigns for already operating online shop;
- will be available for communication at any work time.