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Wholesale trade, organization of the dealer network, car business, electro technical companies, real estate market are the areas where we have experience in software developing for solving a wide range of tasks. Software products can be: the program for automatically data entry about your dealers' products, software for exchanging data with accounting systems (1C, Galaxy, Microsoft Dynamics AX, ERP etc.), as well as other various solutions such as CRM, Call Center, calculators , "Collectors" of information from various sites, statistical systems, etc.

It is necessary to apply to professional developers in order to get guaranteed realization of your automation system. Our approach to development means:

- participation of specialized specialists such as: business analyst, interface specialist, software engineer, database developer, system administrator;
- development of technical documentation for the project (technical task, user's manual);
- timeless guarantee for correcting mistakes (maintenance for the entire period of website);
- probation period while using during which necessary improvements can be made free of charge;
- providing discounts for ordering additional functions;
- passing on intellectual property rights for the development;
- obligations for non-disclosure of confidential information received during the project implementation.

We provide customer service support at all stages and to full extent, namely:

- will discuss the original concept of the system, consultation on the most important issues;
- will implement all the necessary ideas and business logic of any complexity;
- will provide our own servers;
- will buy a domain, install a security certificate (SSL);
- will ensure regular backup of all important data;
- will be available for communication at any work time.